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Frequently asked Questions

  • Are you TMS a web-based product?

    No. Utech TMS is a client-based product that you can access from anywhere using your Windows or Mac computer.

    1. Client-based TMS is really secure due to an encrypted connection between your computer and a server. It’s like your dedicated highway, where only your company has access to it.
    2. Client-based TMS has way more flexibility to integrate with other trucking-related products. It’s like your dedicated browser where everything is possible.

  • How often is data backed up?

    Data is backed up daily and we also keep 7 calendar days worth of backups in case you need it

  • Can I export data?

    Yes. Utech TMS allows users to export data in several formats, including Excel, PDF, SCV, and HTML.

  • Can Utech TMS integrate with other products?

    Yes, Utech TMS as an API, allowing other programs to integrate with it.

  • Can I create an IFTA report?

    Yes. Utech TMS can calculate a full IFTA report based on your order miles and fuel used. The system also breaks down fleetwide payment amounts for each state. Users can also download and adjust their reports if needed.

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